Chiropractic Instrument adjusting

Chiropractic Instrument adjusting is more gentle and patient-friendly technique. This is, in part, to the lower force that is required for adjustment when compared to manual adjusting. Instrument adjusting also provide a visual record the effects of the adjustment through computer monitors and printouts.

In addition to being gentler on the chiropractor and patient, the analysis of spinal resistance performed with the computerized assessment instruments has shown remarkably high repeatability, especially when compared to the lack of repeatability of manual palpation.

Not only are the computerized analyses more repeatable, but with many instruments, the patient can be shown the graphical results before and after the adjustment whether the adjustment is done with the instrument or manually.

In addition, recent studies of the effectiveness of computerized multiple impulse adjusting systems indicate that their use may be just as effective or even more effective for some patients as adjusting by hands alone.

Dr. Ackerman uses the state of the art ProAdjuster system to perform instrument adjusting. Click here for more information on ProAdjuster treatment.